Kellogg Institute Working Papers on Mexico

"Mining Water for the Revolution: Marte R. Gómez and the Business of Agrarian Reform in 'La Laguna,' Mexico, 1920s to 1960s"
Mikael Wolfe
(#371, July 2010)

Youth and Civic Engagement in the Americas–Preliminary Findings From a Three-City Study: Rio De Janeiro, Chicago, and Mexico City
Irene Rizzini, María de Los Angeles Torres, and Norma Alicia Del Río Lugo
May 2009)

Political Catholicism in Revolutionary Mexico, 1900–1926
Robert Curley
May 2008)

Tax Effort and Tax Potential of State Governments in Mexico: A Representative Tax System
Horacio Sobarzo
October 2004)

Unemployment, Macroeconomic Policy and Labor Market Flexibility: Argentina and Mexico in the 1990s
Roberto Frenkel and Jaime Ros
February 2004)

Policy Making Under Divided Government in Mexico
Benito Nacif-Hernández
(#305, March 2003)

Ámbito y Papel de los Especialistas en las Reformas en los Sistemas de Salud: Los Casos de Brasil y México
Raquel Abrantes Pêgo and Célia Almeida
(#299, September 2002)

Life without the King: Centralists, Federalists, and Constitutional Monarchists in the Making of the Spanish American Republics, 1808–1830
Iván Jaksic and Marcelo Leiras
(#255, May 1998)

OaxacaThe Politics of Economic Reform: Distributional Coalitions and Policy Change in Latin America
Hector E. Schamis
(#250, February 1998)

“Workshop on The Rule of Law and the Underprivileged in Latin America—A Rapporteurs’ Report”
Gina Bekker and Robert Patrick
(#246, January 1998)

A Classification of Latin American Political Parties
Michael Coppedge
(#244, November 1997)

Indigenous Politics and Democracy: Contesting Citizenship in Latin America
Deborah J. Yasher
(#238, March 1997)

Mexico’s Auto Industry after NAFTA: A Successful Experience in Restructuring?
Juan Carlos Moreno Brid
(#232, August 1996)

Economic Integra

Asian Economic Success and Latin American Failure in the 1980s: New Analyses and Future Policy Implications
Ajit Singh
(#204, March 1994)

Capitalists and Revolution
Rose J. Spalding
(#202, March 1994)

Mercados financieros y flujos de capital en México
Jaime Ros
(#201, December 1993)

Privatization: The Role of Domestic Business
Ernest Bartell, csc
(#198, June 1993)

The State, Markets, and Development: A Rapporteurs’ Report
Enrique Dussel Peters and Mathew A. Verghis
(#196, June 1993)

Contesting Authenticity: Battles over the Representation of History in Morelos, Mexico
JoAnn Martin
(#194, June 1993)

On the State, Democratization, and Some Conceptual Problems (A Latin American View with Glances at Some Post-Communist Countries)
Guillermo O’Donnell
(#192, April 1993)

From Trade Liberalization to Economic Integration: The Case of Mexico
Enrique Dussel Peters and Kwan S. Kim
(#187, January 1993)

Mexico’s Trade and Industrialization Experience since 1960: A Reconsideration of Past Policies and Assessment of Current Reforms
Jaime Ros
(#186, January 1993)

Business Elites and Democracy in Latin America: Reflections on the May 1991 Kellogg Institute Conference
Juan J. López
(#185, December 1992)

Mexican Business and the State: The Political Economy of a ‘Muddled’ Transition
Blanca Heredia
(#182, October 1992)

Industrial Organization and Comparative Advantage in Mexico’s Manufacturing Trade
Jaime Ros
(#155, March 1991)

El fondo de la forma: Actos públicos de la campaña presidencial del Partido Revolucionario Institucional, México, 1988
Larissa Adler Lomnitz, Claudio Lomnitz-Adler, and Ilya Adler
(#135, March 1990)

Industrialization Process, Employment, and Income Distribution in Mexico: Issues and Strategies
Kwan S. Kim
(#131, January 1990)

Food Security Trends and Prospects in Latin America
Solon Barraclough and Peter Utting
(#99, August 1987)

The Political Economy of Latin American Development: Seven Exercises in Retrospection
Albert O. Hirschman
(#88, December 1986)

“Humanitarianism and Politics in Central America”
Gil Loescher
(#86, November 1986)

“Mexico: The Debt Crisis and Options for Development Strategy”
Kwan S. Kim
(#82, September 1986)

“The Mexican Charrazo of 1948: Latin American Labor from World War to Cold War”
Ian Roxborough
(#77, August 1986)

“Rural Women and Migration in Latin America: Research Review and Agenda”
Maria de los Angeles Crummett
(#71, June 1986)

“Industrialization in Mexico: Issues and Strategies”
Kwan S. Kim
(#67, March 1986)

“Rural Class Structure in Mexico: New Developments, New Perspectives”
María de los Angeles Crummett
(#41, May 1985)

“Industrial Development in Mexico: Problems, Policy Issues and Perspectives”
Kwan S. Kim
(#13, March 1984)