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A Tribute to Guillermo O'Donnell


Prepared for the Kellogg Institute’s public tribute in Buenos Aires in March 2012, this video includes comments by: David Altman, Rev. Ernest Bartell, CSC, Sergio Bitar, Daniel Brinks, Rossana Castiglioni, David Collier, Michael Coppedge, Javier Felgueras Bustinza, Robert Fishman, Alejandro Foxley, Manuel Antonio Garretón Merino, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, CSC, Evelyne Huber, Osvaldo Iazzetta, Terry Lynn Karl, Ricardo Lagos Escobar, Marcelo Leiras, Abraham Lowenthal, Scott Mainwaring, María Matilde Ollier, Gerardo Munck, Oscar Oszlak, Timothy Power, Philippe Schmitter, Rev. Timothy Scully, CSC, Alfred Stepan, Ignacio Walker, and Laurence Whitehead.


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