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The Kellogg Institute supports undergraduate students each summer to gain research, language and internship experience in the developing world. 

Training and Reentry Programming - Spring 2018

The Kellogg Institute supports undergraduate students each summer to gain research, language and internship experience in the developing world. Kellogg's international programs seek to deepen students' understanding of their academic programs by giving them real world experience in the field. Students selected for Kellogg programs participate in several mandatory pre-departure orientations to help fully prepare them for their time abroad. Host organizations provide pre-departure materials and in-country orientations upon students' arrival at host sites.

While training is a significant pre-departure aspect of Kellogg's international programs, reentry programming is equally important. Kellogg faculty and staff seek to support students' reentry by helping them integrate their field experience into their academic program as well as their personal and professional development. The Institute hosts a Reentry Retreat and International Open House each September. Kellogg also works with faculty to find classes where students may process and conduct research related to their international experience. 

Dates for spring 2018 mandatory orientations are as follows:

All orientations take place in room C103 of the Hesburgh Center unless otherwise noted.

Requirements Orientation
Wednesday, April 4 or Thursday, April 5
(All award recipients must choose one of these options.)

(April 4)

(April 5)

Culture and Safety Orientation
Tuesday, April 10 or Wednesday, April 18

(All students must choose one of these options.)

(April 10)

(April 18)

Country Specific/Academic Orientation
Monday, April 30


Attendance of these orientations in full is required for all students who choose to accept Kellogg Institute funding.

Failure to attend orientations in full will result in the cancellation of the award.

Students who are abroad in the spring will be expected to complete a series of written orientations in order to participate in the program.

Domestic Interns will have a separate orientation to be scheduled at a later date.

All recipients of internships and ETW Fellowships are required to attend a Reentry Retreat that will be held on Saturday, September 22, 2018.

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Upcoming Events


February 21
Lynching and the Politics of State Formation in POst-Revolutionary Puebla (1930-1950)
Working Groups, Peace, Conflict, Crime & Violence Workshop
Gema Santamaría


February 22
The Art of Political Murder: Who Killed Bishop Gerardi?
Francisco Goldman


February 23 to February 24
2018 Human Development Conference
Conferences/Workshops, Undergraduate Programs
Abigail Midlige, Tommy Emmet
February 23
The Curious Case of Political Liberalization: A Step to Democratization or an Authoritarian Survival Strategy?
Working Groups, Comparative Politics Workshop
M. Tahir Kilavuz