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Development with Dignity:
A Human-Centered Approach to Progress

February 24–25, 2017

The 9th Annual Human Development Conference
University of Notre Dame

The 9th Annual Human Development Conference
University of Notre Dame
February 24–25, 2017

Call for Papers


The Ford Family Program in Human Development Studies and Solidarity and the Kellogg Institute for International Studies announce the 9th annual Human Development Conference.

In order to implement the Sustainable Development Goals, the global community needs to shift from theory to practice – from policy to individuals – refocusing its efforts by placing humans at the center of the sustainable development agenda. Creating solutions to critical issues that afflict the world’s populations today requires not only a shift in scale but the recognition and continual affirmation that the dignity of peoples on all sides of the path to progress must be the central focus of development.

The Human Development Conference provides a forum in which undergraduate students from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines who are passionate about development can engage in dialogue about development research.

We welcome and invite all undergraduate students to share their research experiences from a broad spectrum of topics in development, including:

  • Agriculture

  • Architecture

  • Business

  • Economics

  • Education

  • Engineering

  • Environment

  • Foreign Aid

  • Gender

  • Governance

  • Global Health

  • Human Dignity

  • Human Rights

  • Infrastructure

  • Measurement and Evaluation


  • Migration

  • Peace/Conflict

  • Poverty

  • Public Policy

  • Religion

  • Sustainability

  • Technology

  • Urbanization

For those undergraduate students who are interested in presenting a paper, please submit an abstract of your research project and complete the survey questions found here. Please upload all materials and complete the survey by the priority deadline of Monday, November 14, 2016. The final deadline is Sunday, November 20, 2016. Invitations for participation will be extended in early December. Students who accept invitations to present at the conference will be responsible for securing funding for travel and other related expenses.

More information will be forthcoming on our website and Facebook page at facebook.com/notredamehdc. We hope that you will join us in participating in this important conversation!