In the Field:
Cultivating Collaboration and Innovation


The Fifth-Annual Human Development Conference at the University of Notre Dame

Photo Contest Winners by Category

Cooperation and Community

Dialogue with a Tibetan Rinpoche

"Dialogue with a Tibetan Rinpoche" - Mainpat, India • Carl Silliman, University of Notre Dame

In this photo, Tulku Tsori Rinpoche and I discuss how to proceed with the development of Mainpat. Tulku Tsori Rinpoche is an esteemed religious figure in Tibetan society, and Mainpat is a refugee settlement under his care.

Face of Dignity

Dupatas for the Next Generation

"Dupatas for the Next Generation" - Jodhpur, Rajasthan, IndiaMargeaux Prinster, University of Notre Dame

In this photo, one of the female beneficiaries of Aastha Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd. continues to work hard unbinding a tie and dyed dupata, a scarf worn by Indian women for modesty, while waiting to deposit savings at Aastha’s branch. Aastha is a micro finance institution working towards gender equilibration and eradicating poverty by providing low caste women with loan packages to fund small-scale craft businesses. This beneficiary was accompanied by her son, and he will benefit from the savings she accumulates from her tie and dye craft business as most female beneficiaries save their profits to send their children to school, pay for medical emergencies, or make dowry payments for their daughters’ marriages.

Fostering Development

Learning to Help Babies Breathe

"Learning to Help Babies Breathe" - Bangladesh Hannah Reiser, University of Notre Dame

This image was taken at a training session for Helping Babies Breathe. The women were learning and practicing the delivery and infant care steps, especially those needed to assist a newborn with breathing.

Landscapes Abroad

Alone in the City

"Alone in the City" - Jaipur, India Nadine Biss, Wheaton College, MA

Viewed from Nahar Garh Fort, high above the city, one can see the clear social and economic differences that exist between sections of Jaipur’s neighborhoods. In this photo, one man appears to ponder the mess of slums that lie below him.

In the Field

Moray Terraces

"Moray Terraces" - Moray, Peru Andrea Nishi, University of Chicago

I visited this site as a part of my research on traditional agricultural exchange in the Andes. Moray is a famous archeological site outside of Cusco which features incredibly well-preserved agricultural terraces. These terraces were what enabled the Incas to cultivate a wide variety of crops in an incredibly hostile environment, and what led to the development of barter markets for agricultural exchange in the Lares Valley.