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Rev. Theodore Hesburgh (1917–2015)In Memoriam

Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, CSC (1917–2015)

We join the Notre Dame community in mourning the passing of our beloved founder, Fr. Ted, whose influence extended across the nation and beyond.

“Fr. Ted’s deep faith led him to see with exceptional clarity the dignity of every person, created in the image of God,” says Kellogg Director Paolo Carozza.

“His establishment of the Kellogg Institute is just one tangible manifestation of the way that vision generated a deep commitment to understanding and addressing the acute needs of the human family everywhere in the world. Our gratitude for his leadership and legacy will be enduring.”

South Bend TV stations to simultaneously broadcast program March 20 in tribute to Father Hesburgh

An Appreciation of Theodore M. Hesburgh, CSC  (1917-2015)
— Abraham F. Lowenthal

Father Ted Hesburgh’s remarkable life is being remembered and celebrated widely for his many contributions: to the University of Notre Dame; to Catholic higher education in the United States and internationally; to civil and human rights, immigration policy and other complex other issues; to philanthropy; and as a priest, pastor, counselor, mentor and friend. (more...)

Visiting Fellow Anthony DePalma calls him “the most influential priest in America,” noting his roles as “an adviser to presidents, special envoy to popes, theologian, author, educator and activist,” on the front page of the New York Times.

“Perhaps his greatest influence was on the lives of generations of Notre Dame students, whom he taught, counseled and befriended,” says Rev. John Jenkins, CSC, in a statement from the University of Notre Dame.

An appreciation by the Congregation of Holy Cross chronicles his life, touching on his childhood dream to be a priest—and his passion for fishing.

The Washington Post describes his career as “a transformative figure in Catholic higher education.”

Jimmy Carter remembers Fr. Ted's friendship and his service to humanity in this letter to the Observer.

"He understood that higher education was at the pivot point in American life," said one expert in this NPR interview.

"The acts of service that stick in my mind are smaller ones, acts of personal pastoral service and teaching," writes Don Wycliff '69 in the Chicago Tribune.

Below is a 2012 conversation between Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, CSC and Scott Mainwaring,
former director of the Kellogg Institute for International Studies, on the founding of the Institute.




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