In the Media

Idi Amin: the tour of terror (ticket please)
Faculty Fellow Emmanuel Katongole quoted in the Mali & Guardian. "A key challenge in so-called post-colonial societies is the erasure of memory."

Kerry blames Israel for talks crisis
Faculty Fellow Michael Desch interviewed by Al Jazeera about the impasse in Middle East talks.

The rich are running Latin America – and why that matters
Former Visting Fellow Noam Lupu in The Monkey Cage blog (Washington Post). "The inequalities in who governs in Latin America have serious consequences for economic policy."

Religious freedom is a human right -- for family businesses too
Kellogg Director Paolo Carozza writes in the policy blog of The Hill, one of DC's most-read political websites.

Report casts light on US drone programme
Faculty Fellow Mary Ellen O'Connell disputes administration distinctions between civilian and combatant drone casualties (Al Jazeera)

Immigration reform: A biblical vision
"We call for immigration reform because of our nation's history of welcoming immigrants and because of our biblical faith." Faculty Fellow Rev. Daniel Groody, CSC in a South Bend Tribune op-ed.

Dept. of Experiments
The impact of Faculty Fellow David Nickerson's work on US political campaigns is highlighted in Politico. With Kellogg graduate students, he has done similar research in Latin America.

Conference explores development, business, service
The Ford Program's student-led Human Development Conference gives students from around the world a chance to build on their passions in the field. (The Observer)

Founder of Liberation Theology hailed at Vatican
Faculty Fellow Fr. Gustavo Gutiérrez "received a hero's welcome at the Vatican as the once-criticized movement continues its rehabilitation under Pope Francis." (AP)

Mexico Summit Leaves Larger Immigration, Trade Issues Unresolved
"The US has taken Latin America for granted for too long," Faculty Fellow Allert Brown-Gort tells NBC News.

Gay Marriages Confront Catholic School Rules
"A lot of it is just generational," says Faculty Fellow Christian Smith, an expert the religious lives of teenagers (New York Times).

La riesgosa apuesta de las autodefensas en México
In Mexico's war on drugs and organized crime, the strategic partnership of the federal government and a growing number of self-defense groups is a risky one, writes Faculty Fellow Guillermo Trejo in an op-ed in El País.

'Our Soul Music Is Mariachi Music': Houston's Mexican Mass
Faculty Fellow Rev. Virgilio Elizondo talks to NPR about the value of popular art and music.

Pontiff-icating on the Free-Market System
Faculty Fellow Joe Kaboski joins Jeff Sachs of Columbia's Earth Institute to respond to critics of Pope Francis's treatise on the global economic system in a Freakonomics podcast.

Nelson Mandela helped popularize use of sanctions
Faculty Fellow George Lopez in the Los Angeles Times: "Long after this, South Africans would complain, 'You had no right to cut off cricket.'"

Obama pushes back against critics of Iran deal
According to AP, Faculty Fellow Michael Desch "compared Obama's diplomatic overtures to Secretary of State Henry Kissinger's secret outreach to China in the 1970s."

Legal Challenges to Drone Strikes
Faculty Fellow Mary Ellen O'Connell on CSPAN, speaking on the illegality of drone strikes under international law.

Catholic schools work for kids
How Faculty Fellow Rev. Timothy Scully, CSC, founded the Alliance for Catholic Education, in the New York Post.

Academics call religion vital to a well-functioning society
Faculty Fellow Kristine Kalanges on religious freedom as a basic human right in CNA

Liberation theology finds new welcome in Pope Francis' Vatican
The Washington Post reports that Faculty Fellow Rev. Gustavo Gutiérrez, OP will soon meet with Pope Francis.

Deadly challenge of keeping Syria health-care workers safe
Faculty Fellow Larissa Fast recounts dangers to Syrian and international doctors and nurses in The Conversation.

Moral Questions on Syria Strikes
Does the US have a "responsibility to protect" now that the use of chemical weapons by Syria has been confirmed? Watch PBS discussion with Faculty Fellow George Lopez, who says, "There's a grave public evil with a chemical weapons attack. But on criteria of last resort, proportional response, probability of success, this strike idea really falls short of the mark."

Attack Needs UN Approval to Be Legal
Faculty Fellow Mary Ellen O'Connell responds to prospect of US military action in Syria in New York Times "Room for Debate."

Syria chemical evidence fades as U.N. team under fire
Faculty Fellow George Lopez, a former UN advisor, accuses Assad's regime of applying "calculated maneuvers" to prevent inspectors from finding evidence of chemical weapons usage.

Immigration reform supporters rally in South Bend
Faculty Fellow Allert Brown-Gort speaks out about immigration reform on ABC57.

The Killing Machines
Article in the Atlantic quotes Faculty Fellow Mary Ellen O'Connell, calling her "a determined and eloquent critic of drone strikes."

Church leaders weigh in for migrants
Faculty Fellow Rev. Daniel Groody, CSC, describes the theological context for the Church's position on immigration.

Trejo comments picked up by over 900 media outlets
Brazil leader meets core protest group
Faculty Fellow Guillermo Trejo explains, "Brazil will see several waves of protests."
Brazil's revolutionaries reluctantly find themselves in spotlight, ponder future of movement
Faculty Fellow Guillermo Trejo comments in Washington Post on future of student movement that spawned protests in Brazil

NYU Case Spotlights Risk of China Tie-Ups
The Wall Street Journal cites Faculty Fellow Lionel Jensen's work on the controversies surrounding Confucius Institutes, established with Chinese government funding at western academic institutions.

Disease-carrying mosquitos pack twice the punch
Faculty Fellow Edwin Michael's findings on disease transmission, with implications for public health in sub-Saharan Africa, appear in Science Blog.

Road to immigration reform
Faculty fellows Allert Brown-Gort and Rev. Dan Groody, CSC, speak out on aspects of the immigration proposal before Congress.

"Guatemala full of questions after genocide conviction annulled"
Faculty Fellow Douglass Cassel comments on Guatemalan justice system for Los Angeles Times.

As Syrians in Zaatari camp settle in for the long haul, the aid system develops
Faculty Fellow Rahul Oka discusses how changes to a Jordan camp's economy will affect refugees.

Voices from Fragile States: The Resilient Problem of Human Development
Faculty Fellow Jamie Bleck and Visiting Fellow Kristin Michelitch write about lessons learned from their research in Mali in this UNU-WIDER (United Nations University–World Institute for Development Economics Research) article.

Spy vs. Soldier: The CIA may lose a power it never legally had
Faculty Fellow Mary Ellen O'Connell writes in the New Republic about the relationship between the CIA and armed drone operations.

White Smoke and a Black Pope: Is Turkson the Church's Future?
Faculty Fellow Naunihal Singh calls the possible election of an African pope "a teachable moment" in this New Yorker blogpost.

Pelton on Possible Successor to Pope
Faculty Fellow Fr. Bob Pelton, who invited Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana to Notre Dame to deliver the 2011 Romero Lecture, talks about this potential successor to Pope Benedict.

Mary Ellen O'Connell in the New York Times
The Questions Brennan Can’t Dodge”: Op-ed on the illegality of drone attacks
"A Contradiction in Terms”: Debating the legality of targeted killings of US citizens

What Comes after North Korea's Nuclear Test?
Faculty Fellow George Lopez considers alternatives to punitive UN sanctions against North Korea in a CNN essay.

Malian Villagers and the War
Talking to Radio France International, Faculty Fellow Jaimie Bleck describes how rural Malians cope with both political conflict and struggles with drought and food insecurity.

Voices from Contested Territory: 531 Messages for President Obama from Northern Mali
Faculty Fellow Jaimie Bleck and Visiting Fellow Kristin Michelitch respond to the conflict in Mali on the Monkey Cage blog.

Building the Next Generation of Leaders in East Africa
Faculty Fellow Rev. Robert Dowd, CSC guest blogs on IBM's "Smarter Planet" about an innovative Notre Dame–IBM partnership.

"On drone killings, Brennan doesn't uphold our values"
Faculty Fellow Mary Ellen O'Connell opposes targeted killings in a CNN essay.

In Quest of an Antidote for Academic Corruption in China
Faculty Fellow Susan Blum reflects on the intrinsic rewards of scholarship in a China Daily essay.

Reifenberg Interviewed by Chilean Press
Executive Director Steve Reifenberg discusses the launch of "Santiago's Children" in Spanish in "El Segundo" article.

"China, Mo Yan and the Nobel: Truth and Consequences"
Faculty Fellow Susan Blum reflects on China's recent Nobel winner in the Huffington Post.

"We Are Dying Here"
Faculty Fellow Rev. Daniel Groody, CSC gives an eyewitness account of the Syrian refugee crisis in America magazine.

National Catholic Reporter Interviews O'Connell
Faculty Fellow Mary Ellen O'Connell discusses drone attacks in the context of international law.

"When local classrooms are global"
South Bend Tribune article highlighting the Kellogg Traveling Trunks Program

George Lopez on Syria in America, the National Catholic Weekly
Faculty Fellow George Lopez analyzes the stalemate in Syria in "World Watches As Syria Suffers."

O’Connell Profile in Los Angeles Times
Faculty Fellow Mary Ellen O'Connell’s fight against illegal drone attacks is featured.

Pensado on “Utopian Dreams” in Revista
Faculty Fellow Jaime Pensado writes about the rich history of Latin American student activism from the 1890s to the present in the latest Revista, from Harvard’s Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies. Comments welcome!

Susan Blum in Chronicle of Higher Ed Blog
Faculty Fellow Susan Blum, who has written a book on plagiarism, comments on blatant new websites that offer to do students' work for them.

Victoria Tin-Bor Hui in the New York Times
Faculty Fellow Victoria Tin-Bor Hui discusses consequences for China of its dispute with Japan

Blum Talks to USA Today
Faculty Fellow Susan Blum comments on context for plagiarism case.

Naunihal Singh in the New Yorker
Faculty Fellow Naunihal Singh reflects on media and societal responses to the Oak Creek shootings.

Fishman on Portuguese Financial Crisis
Rather than refuting the Portuguese success story, current austerity measures in Portugal are the result of international dynamics, says Faculty Fellow Robert Fishman. Read interview in Visăo.

Lopez Weighs In on Syria
Bashar al-Assad may be beating the Annan plan in Syria for now, but he won't for long, says Faculty Fellow George Lopez in the Christian Science Monitor. For interview with Anderson Cooper click here.

Kaboski Talks Money and Religion
Faculty Fellow Joseph Kaboski presents the Catholic perspective in a Chicago Tribune article on money and faith.