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Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, CSC, Professor of Arts and Letters;
Professor of History and Classics (DPhil, Oxford University, 1975)

Member of the American Philosophical Society; Fellow of the Medieval Academy of America, and Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Recipient of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation's Award for Distinguished Achievement in the Humanities (2001).

Geographic focus: Latin America; Europe

Thematic interests: Roman empire and late antiquity. The Andean region in the 16th and 17th centuries. Interaction between Andean and European cultures and religions.

Research: Conflict and accommodation between Andean and Spanish political and religious ideas and practices in the early modern period; Christianity and classical culture in the writings of St. Augustine of Hippo.  Instrumental in establishing the Latin American Indigenous Language Learning (LAILL) program at Notre Dame.

Selected publications:

  • On the Wings of Time: Rome, the Incas, Spain and Peru (Princeton University Press, 2006)

  • The Shadows of Poetry: Vergil in the Mind of Augustine (Berkeley, 1998)

  • Religion in the Andes: Vision and Imagination in Early Colonial Peru (Princeton University Press, 1991)

  • Art and Ceremony in Late Antiquity (University of California Press, 1981)

  • Numerous articles and book chapters, including "Human and divine love in a pastoral setting: the histories of Copacabana on Lake Titicaca," Representations 112 (2010)

  •  “The Scope of Comparison: The Roman, Spanish and Inca Empires,” in Benjamin Z. Kedar ed., Explorations in Comparative History (Institute for Advanced Studies, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2009)

  • “Augustine Reads Genesis. The Saint Augustine Lecture 2007,” in Augustinian Studies 39, 1 (2008)

  • “Grammar and Virtue: The Formulation of a Cultural and Missionary Program by the Jesuits in Early Colonial Peru,” in John O’Malley and Frank Kennedy, eds., The Jesuits II (University of Toronto Press, 2006)

  • “Conciencia y práctica social: pobreza y vagrancia en España y el temprano Perú colonial,” Revista Andina 35 (Cuzco, July 2002)

  • “Ethnography in South America: The First Two Hundred Years,” in F. Salomon and S. Schwartz, eds., Cambridge History of the Native Peoples of the Americas, Volume III, 1 South America (Cambridge University Press, 1999)




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