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Rev. Virgilio ElizondoRev. Virgilio Elizondo

Notre Dame Professor of Pastoral and Hispanic Theology
(PhD, Institut Catholique de Paris, 1978)
222 Corby

Geographic focus: US-Mexican border region, Latin America

Thematic interests: Mestizo Christianity; mestizaje theology; liberation theology; evangelization; faith and spirituality; culture and public ritual.

Selected publications:

  • Charity (2009); “Aparecida and Hispanics of the USA” in Robert Pelton, CSC, ed., Aparecida: Quo Vadis? (2008)

  • “Culture, the Option for the Poor, and Liberation” in Daniel Groody, CSC, ed., Option for the Poor in Christian Theology (2008)

  • A God of Incredible Surprises, French edition (Bayard Press, 2006) and Spanish edition (Loyola Press, 2007)

  • Commentary in International Priest in America, Challenges and Opportunities (2006)

  • “Creativity: The Power of Ritual: San Fernando Cathedral,” in Colloquium: Music, Worship, Arts (2006)

  • Coeditor, The Treasure of Guadalupe (2006)

  • Coeditor, Latino Religions and Civic Activism in the United States (2005)

  • “The Compassion of Mary in the Struggles of the Poor,” presented at the XV International Mariological Symposium entitled The Theological Category of Compassion: Presence and Impact on Present Thinking about Mary of Nazareth (October 4-7, 2005, Rome)

  • A God of Incredible Surprises, Jesus of Galilee (2003)

  • Editor, The Way of the Cross: The Passion of Christ in the Americas (2002)

  • Galilean Journey: The Mexican American Promise (8th edition, 2000)

  • The Future is Mestizo: Life Where Cultures Meet (6th edition, 2000);coauthor, San Fernando Cathedral: Soul of the City (1998)

  • Guadalupe, Mother of the New Creation (3rd edition, 1998)

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