Global Leadership Program

Kellogg Global Leadership Program

The Kellogg Global Leadership Program (GLP) aspires to be a hub for innovative teaching, research, and outreach on the practice of ethical and reflective leadership in service to democracy and human development. Challenged by the crisis of leadership in the world today, the program seeks ways to help form leaders who promote human dignity and advance the common good.

Achieving Global Impact

Director: Daniel Groody, CSC
Building on the Kellogg Institute’s research in democracy and human development and its extensive international partnerships, the Kellogg Global Leadership Program seeks to develop reflective leaders motivated by an inner dynamism to make lasting change in their communities, their countries, and the world.

The Kellogg Global Leadership Program endeavors to address critical moral and social issues of our times through the development of:

Curriculum and Pedagogical Development

Creating innovative curricula and pedagogical approaches to leadership formation for Keough School of Global Affairs master’s students and for leaders from around the world.

Narrative Development

Identifying and documenting narratives of effective leaders who challenge today’s operative pathways of leadership and offer new insight into authentic leadership.

Partnership Development

Building a global network of institutions, thought leaders, scholars, and practitioners who advance our vision of ethical, reflective leadership in the world.

Leadership Development

Designing seminars in reflective leadership for practitioners from developing regions of Africa, Latin America, and beyond.

Advancing Learning and Research

Rooted in the Kellogg Institute’s distinctive approach to uniting rigorous empirical work with deep normative reflection, the program seeks to understand in particular the ways the great spiritual traditions of the world and the social sciences can contribute to developing a vision and pedagogy of reflective leadership.

Building on the Institute’s core themes of democracy and human development, the program aims to form reflective leaders who understand that:

  • Democratic participation is strengthened by individuals and communities acting on conscience and a deep-rooted awareness of common values.
  • Human development outcomes involve the interior development of people’s hearts and souls as well as material advancements.
  • Reflective leadership lays the groundwork for integral human development, a holistic model of flourishing rooted in the dignity and full potential of the human person.

Upcoming Events


February 21
Lynching and the Politics of State Formation in POst-Revolutionary Puebla (1930-1950)
Working Groups, Peace, Conflict, Crime & Violence Workshop
Gema Santamaría


February 22
The Art of Political Murder: Who Killed Bishop Gerardi?
Francisco Goldman


February 23 to February 24
2018 Human Development Conference
Conferences/Workshops, Undergraduate Programs
Abigail Midlige, Tommy Emmet
February 23
The Curious Case of Political Liberalization: A Step to Democratization or an Authoritarian Survival Strategy?
Working Groups, Comparative Politics Workshop
M. Tahir Kilavuz