Rodrigo Calderon

President, Coca-Cola Foundation México

Rodrigo CalderónRodrigo Calderon is the president of The Coca-Cola Foundation México, which aims to collaborate in the sustainable social development of Mexico with a special focus on reforestation, water accessibility, and conservation, as well as nutrition and health.

Calderon has worked in different capacities for The Coca-Cola Company since 1996, serving as vice president of public affairs and communications for Mexico, North Latin America, and the Latin America Group.

He chairs the Latin-American chapter of the Americas Health Foundation in Washington, DC, and is an active member of Alerta Ambiental, a Mexican NGO involved in the protection of the environment.

A graduate of Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico, he also holds diplomas from INSEAD, the Université Jean Moulin’s Lyon School of Management in France, and the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México.