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About Kellogg

The Helen Kellogg Institute for International Studies brings the best of interdisciplinary inquiry to bear on research themes relevant to contemporary societies around the world, especially democracy and human development.

Drawing faculty fellows from across the University, students, and visiting scholars, the Institute promotes research, provides exceptional educational opportunities for students, and builds linkages to support the University’s strategic goals on internationalization.

The Kellogg Institute creates a space where those interested in international affairs can engage—with one another and with issues crucial to human society. Known for its regional focus on Latin America, the Institute has in recent years widened its scope to include Africa, Asia, and beyond.  A multidisciplinary lecture series, two book series with the University of Notre Dame Press, and a widely respected working paper series contribute to the dialogue.

Grounding the Kellogg Institute’s scholarship and teaching is an appreciation for the benefits of democratization, economic and human development, and Catholic social thought.

Why are we proud of the Kellogg Institute?

KelloggOur outstanding research reputation

“The Kellogg Institute has played a remarkable role in supporting outstanding research and training on Latin America… The Institute makes a critical contribution to advancing the kind of comparative social science research that is rigorous, and that addresses issues of great human importance.”

—David Collier, Professor of Political Science, University of California, Berkeley, and former Kellogg Visiting Fellow

…Especially known for scholarship on Latin America and democratization, the Institute is home to two of the most cited Latin Americanists in the world, political scientists Guillermo O’Donnell and Scott Mainwaring.

…The Institute’s research agenda also includes Africa, Asia, and the world as a whole. Economist Jeffrey Bergstrand is one of the globe’s most prolific and influential authors on international trade issues. Sociologists Robert Fishman and Samuel Valenzuela each investigate different dimensions of democratization and social policy in Europe and Latin America; anthropologist Susan Blum is a China expert on ethnicity and nationalism; and political scientist Michael Coppedge is leading a major collaborative project on measuring democracy across the globe.

Our superb faculty fellows…and the graduate students who come to study with them

…More than 100 faculty members from 24 departments and programs at Notre Dame form the core of the Kellogg intellectual community. Conducting research on a range of international issues, they are the prime movers behind the Institute’s lively interdisciplinary lecture series and scholarly conferences.

…Reinvigorating the study of human development at Notre Dame, the Kellogg Institute has been instrumental in helping to hire four new faculty members—two sociologists, one political scientist and one historian—all working on development issues related to Africa.

…Attracted by our faculty, graduate students from the US and around the world bring a fresh perspective to Institute research themes. Placements for new PhDs who have worked with Kellogg faculty are excellent. In particular, Latin American students return home to positions at the region’s best educational institutions

Our renowned Visiting Fellows Program

…This signature Institute program brings top scholars and prominent public intellectuals from the US, Latin America, and elsewhere around the globe working on issues of democratization and human development. Visiting fellows include eminent senior scholars and promising junior scholars who go on to tenured positions at prestigious institutions, as well as visiting public policy fellows.

Our dynamic undergraduate student programs, which prepare students for leadership and service in a globalized world

…Kellogg Institute programs broaden and deepen knowledge by providing rich, in-depth research and learning experiences. 

…Kellogg is a pioneer in promoting undergraduate research:

  • Undergraduate Research Grants encourage undergraduates to undertake independent field research in the developing world.

  • The International Scholars Program, a unique multiyear research partnership between some of Notre Dame’s best undergraduates and Kellogg faculty fellows, pays off in high-quality senior theses.

…Building on Institute expertise in Latin America and in human development, Kellogg offers undergraduates minors in Latin American Studies and International Development Studies.

…The Summer Internship Program prepares 40 undergraduates to intern each year in more than 15 countries throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Students gain hands-on skills in their discipline and bring real-world experiences back to the classroom.

…Just how successful are Kellogg undergraduate programs? 

  • In the first four years of the International Scholars Program, two of the program’s participants were named Notre Dame valedictorians.

  • Many graduates of Kellogg student programs win Fulbrights and other awards, go on to graduate or professional school, and embark on international careers.

“Kellogg has been a leader in helping us prepare students for summer and semester abroad programs in Latin America and beyond.”
—John McGreevy, Dean of the College of Arts and Letters, University of Notre Dame

Our innovative new program in human development studies

…The Ford Family Program in Human Development Studies and Solidarity promotes the interdisciplinary study of human development.

…It integrates research, teaching, and direct community engagement in communities challenged by extreme poverty, seeking to understand the conditions that affect human welfare.

…Promoting research to improve the lives of its community partners in Uganda, the program provides learning opportunities for Notre Dame undergraduates and faculty. It exemplifies the Kellogg Institute’s commitment to rigorous scholarship, excellence in teaching, and issues that advance human welfare.




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The Kellogg Institute promotes scholarship, learning, and linkages that address issues of critical importance to our world. At the center of our interdisciplinary community’s work are two key themes: democratization and human development. 

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